You’ll never have “the answer”

January 11, 2015

If you’re thinking that when you’ve earned a certain title or have amassed a certain number of years of experience that all will become clear to you or that you’ll feel more comfortable having an opinion and speaking up, don’t.

When you have your boss’s job or your boss’s boss’s job…you are not going to feel like you have the answer. You are not going to feel like you know exactly what to do. And let me break it to you, your boss and your boss’s boss don’t either.

That’s because if it’s worth thinking about, there is no “answer”. It’s never going to be clear. There will always be uncertainty and risk. And you’ll always feel like you’re in over your head. At least a little.

The trick to this game is not about knowing or feeling comfortable. The trick is about being OK with that. And still pushing forward. Still forming and sharing a point of view. Still learning and advancing. And doing the best you can.

I hope that’s enough for you. Because that’s all you’ll ever get. And anyone telling you otherwise clearly doesn’t have the answer.

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Victoria Noble February 26, 2015 at 4:07 PM

My colleague and I were just discussing about that… no one has all the answers and the only person who was perfect, is in Heaven sitting next to the big guy. Yet, how many times have we sat in meetings with someone who thinks they know it all. How much do we get from people like that vs. people who are humble?


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